Senate Bill 1 – more crowding and more traffic compliments of your state government and ABAG

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SB1 is California government at it’s worst. Let small towns that are already built out remain small. We don’t all want to be large, small towns with over population and too much traffic. We need affordable housing, but you can’t put a square peg into the a round hole. Let the towns use the space they have available for affordable housing.

The State Legislature has sent to Governor Brown’s office SB1; he has not yet signed the bill. This legislation funds all the ABAG-One Bay Area mandates which include high density-below market rate
housing and establishment of transportation hubs in fully develop small towns and communities in the Bay Area. (In other words, not just cities like Sunnyvale, Mt. View, San Jose, etc).

That means that small communities and towns will have to provide increasing numbers of below market rate housing even if there is no place to put it! Most demands are already extremely high even in stable population and fully developed small towns–like Los Gatos, Saratoga, Hillsborough, Monte Sereno, etc.

Many cities are opposing the ABAG demands and are forming a coalition to stop passage of SB1. There has also been increasing publicity about the issue in the media. Feel free to “Google” One Bay Area; you will find a great deal of information regarding ABAG’s One Bay Area. The only way to stop the demise of small towns is to request that Governor Brown not sign SB 1.

Write or call him at the Governor’s office in Sacramento if you want to preserve all similar special and unique communities.” Don’t hesitate to write your Senator and Assemblymember too.

Go here to contact Governor Brown

Senator Jim Beall

Assemblyman Paul Fong

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