CVS Overview

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The project applicant is requesting Planned Development approval to construct two commercial buildings at the northeast corner of the Los Gatos Boulevard and Los Gatos Almaden Road intersection. The 2.79-acre (121,717 s.f.) site is currently vacant but contains various structures associated with the former auto dealership use. Los Gatos Boulevard and Los Gatos Almaden Road bound the project site on the west and south, respectively.

Project implementation would involve development of 26,503 square feet of commercial space in two buildings (for details go here).

Los Gatos, CA 95032

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CVS Project Details

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Name of Project:   CVS Project Planner:              email:            phone:  Location:   15650 Los Gatos Boulevard, Los Gatos, CA 95032  Land Use Zoning:   Lot Size:  2.79-acre (121,717 s.f.)   Square Footage:  26,503 … Continued