Albright Way

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90-160 Albright Way and 14600 Winchester Boulevard.

The owners of these parcels are asking to build up to 550,000 square feet of office space in the land that is currently zoned for commercial – if they can find a way to keep it all commercial, that would be fantastic. However, if the property is rezoned, they might want to build a combination of office space and residential that “could include up to a maximum of 516 multi-family units and up to a maximum of 600 senior units.”

Neighborhoods That Grow Up, Not Out

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View in Browser | Add to your address book. Monday, December 4, 2017 » Neighborhoods That Grow Up, Not Out By THOMAS FULLER The property at 1310 Haskell Street in Berkeley, Calif., has been the focus of a … Continued

Cumulative Impacts of Los Gatos Developments from 2010 to ~ 2014

Executive Summary: New projects will generate >39,000 new car trips (our estimate)  and add >480 new students to the school system.* Note: The numbers below are taken mostly from the town documents or from authoritative sources (e.g. school superintendent who … Continued