Council to Review the Status of the Referendum on 4-2-24

Elections Code Section 9241 requires that the Town Council either 1) place the referendum on
the ballot for the November 2024 general election or 2) rescind its adoption of the Land Use
Element and the Community Design Element. At its October 2022 meeting, the Town Council
deferred making a decision as to which of these actions to take pending consideration of the
then-upcoming Housing Element adoption. The options are discussed in more detail below.
Once this primary decision has been made, there are other possible steps for the Town Council
to direct staff to take, which are included elsewhere in this document.

The Difference Between a Sustainable Budget and a Balanced Budget

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The Council Has a Major Mess to Fix and They’re Running Out of Time

An Executive Summary of our letter below to the Town Council.

The staff report for Agenda Item 15 is inaccurate in that it fails to disclose that on November 16, 2023, Staff submitted a November draft of the revised Housing Element to HCD for official review in violation of Government Code Section 65585. We find it hard to understand why Staff would intentionally not disclose this. In our opinion, the lack of transparency and full disclosure has been a consistent theme for the past two Councils led by former mayors’ Rennie and Ristow.  They spanned the development of the Housing Element and were the enablers of Town Manager Prevetti. The cumulative effect of this behavior has led to a growing loss of confidence in Staff and the Town’s latest consultant, Veronica Tam, by the public.