Achieving a Certified Housing Element Continues a Flawed Process

We are deeply troubled the Town Manager continues to refuse to make the newly hired Consultant available to our elected officials (who are responsible for adopting a compliant Housing Element) and the public to provide their findings as to the … Continued

Establishing Vested Rights Through SB 330’s

Establishing Vested Rights Through SB 330’s Preliminary Application: Understanding the Key Differences Between “Deemed Complete” and “Determined to be Complete” in the “Housing Crisis Act of 2019” By Bryan W. Wenter, AICP on January 15, 2020 Senate Bill 330, referred … Continued

Reply to Councilmember Moore’s Accusation That LGCA Provided “untruthful” Information

  Below is our response to Councilmember Moore’s statement that the Los Gatos Community Alliance was “untruthful” when computing the maximum number of living units the Town would allow. And there is a Summary for those who only want the … Continued

Impact of Operating Deficits on General Fund Balance – Agenda Item #1 Special Meeting August 11, 2022

From: Phil Koen Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2022 7:41 AM To: Rob Rennie <>; Maria Ristow <>; Marico Sayoc <>; Mary Badame <>; Matthew Hudes <> Cc: Laurel Prevetti <>; Arn Andrews <>; Gabrielle Whelan <>; jvannada; Rick Van Hoesen … Continued

SJ Spotlight: Los Gatos residents rally against town growth

Los Gatos residents are overall happy with their quaint upper-class town, but when is comes to growth management, sentiment darkens. Los Gatos recently conducted a community survey examining the quality of life and levels of services in town. The survey, … Continued