LGHS Encouraging Biking, Walking and Skateboarding

Below is the email sent to all LGHS families, encouraging non-car transportation to and from school….. One giant step toward alleviating traffic and parking issues around the high school.



Welcome Wildcat bikers, skaters and walkers!

LGHS strongly encourages students to use alternative transportation.  With limited parking and construction, every student who chooses to walk, bike, blade or skate to school reduces congestion and improves the quality of life for students, families and the community.

LGHS works in collaboration with the Town of Los Gatos and Safe Routes to School to promote safe, alternative transportation.  The attached Walk & Roll to School brochure provides suggestions for travel to LGHS.   In addition, student commuters to campus should note the following:


  • LGHS provides bike racks for cyclists at the southeast corner of campus (front lawn near Main Street and the LG Athletic Club).
  • All cyclists need to provide locks.
  • Lock bicycles every time.
  • Keep bicycles off front lawn and steps.
  • Bicycles may be confiscated if used irresponsibly.

Skate Boarders

  • Skateboards are a legitimate resource for transportation and welcome at LGHS.
  • Carry skateboards once on campus.
  • During school skateboards must be stored and not carried.
  • Storage is available in the attendance office, House offices, or in cooperating classrooms.
  • Skateboards may be confiscated if used irresponsibly.

LGHS Walk and Roll Map


Traffic Impact – Dittos Lane

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