Add two lanes to Hwy 85 – or continue the Mass Transit as Promised?

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There will be another very important meeting regarding the expansion of Hwy 85 by two lanes, or extending the VTA mass transit that currently is south of Hwy 87 and was proposed to continue north.  See the letter from Greg Larson below and/or the link to  staff report below his letter.


Dear Los Gatos Residents,


Thank you for contacting Vice Mayor Spector and the Town regarding your concerns about the proposed changes to Highway 85.

The Los Gatos Town Council, on April 21, 2014 (, directed the Mayor to send a letter to the Valley Transporation Agency asserting the Town’s rights under the Town’s Highway 85 Agreement, as follows:

MOTION: Motion by Vice Mayor Marcia Jensen to authorize the Mayor to send a letter to the Board of VTA stating the Town’s position that VTA will comply with all terms and conditions of the Town’s agreement with VTA, including the requirement for written approval from the Town prior to any addition of lanes to Highway 85. Seconded by Council Member Barbara Spector.

VOTE: Motion passed unanimously.

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The Town’s letter and VTA’s response are attached.  (they were not accessible to me, so I’m looking for a way to get them.  The most important thing is to go to this meeting if you care about this issue)

Los Gatos Town Council members may attend the VTA meeting as requested, but may only reflect their own beliefs and opinions as well as the Town Council’s position above that the Town -VTA Agreement regarding Highway 85 remains an enforceable agreement, and that written permission from Los Gatos is required in advance of adding any lanes to Highway 85.  In addition, staff will draft a letter for that public meeting reiterating the Town Council’s position.


Please let Parks & Public Works Director Matt Morley or me know if you have any further questions.


Greg Larson

Town Manager


If you would like to read our Staff’s report go here