Where’s Waldo ?

Note:  Our game is on hold.  Nextdoor said that we violated their policies.  We have pointed out that in our opinion, we think we created a game that involves the  community, entertains citizens who choose to participate and gives business to 6 local restaurants – all paid for by us.  Hopefully they change their minds and there aren’t politics at work. 

A Challenge to Find Budget Information, Potentially Win $100,
and Support a Los Gatos Restaurant All At The Same Time


To increase the public’s awareness of town finances and the need for Transparency in our Town’s budget, the Los Gatos Community Alliance (LGCA) is launching the following public service campaign.  Here is how it will work:

The Los Gatos Community Alliance has been in existence for over 10 years to keep the community informed as to what is going on. For the past 4 years, we have been focusing more on finance than development.  Over the next 18 days  we will post 6 questions regarding the Town’s upcoming budget.. The question will be posted on our LGCA site (www.lgca.town), but there will be links to us on Nextdoor, Facebook (search: Los Gatos Community Alliance) and Instagram.

All answers can be “found” on the Town’s website starting at the section called “Financial Transparency“, (https://www.losgatosca.gov/2565/Financial-Transparency).  With a name like that, you would think it shouldn’t be that hard to find. We would like to see if the general public can easily find the information and  would appreciate hearing from you as to how easy or difficult it was for you to find the information on the town’s website. We will forward the feedback to the Town.  The Town tells us that they are constantly improving the site and making it totally transparent.  So you should be able to find the answers here easily – but we would like your feedback that we’ll forward to them.

“Found” is the past tense of “find”, which is defined as “to come upon by searching or effort”, so there may be some effort involved “finding” the answer – but remember that the town has set up this site to be “Transparent”. To reward you (and to make the game more interesting and rewarding for your efforts) LCGA will give a  $100 Los Gatos Restaurant gift certificate to the first individual by replying to the question (eg, Question 1, Question 2, etc).  The winning entry will be time-stamped and posted on the www.lgca.town website.  This is our way of enhancing community awareness of the Town’s budget while at the same time supporting our local businesses during these trying times.  We will be the final judge as to the correct answer in case of ties.  Our family members are not eligible

Our high energy Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is working diligently to help local business through this extraordinarily tough time.  They will administer the gift cards and already have our donation for the cards.   Make sure you let us know how to contact you.  If there are no winners to any of the 6 questions, the money we’ve donated will stay with the Chamber and they will use it for town purposes.

There will be 6 questions with the first one starting on May 15th  at 8 am.  Questions will pop up every several days until the end of the month.  Links to each question  will be on the home page.   If no one gets the answer on the first day, look for a clue to the answer on the following day.  Contact Jak@lg-ca.com if you have any questions.

You may only win one time in order to give others the opportunity to experience their favorite Los Gatos restaurant.  LGCA will notify the Chamber of each winner and they will get the gift certificate to you.

That’s it. We ask the question, and you find the answer! We will have the first question up on the 15th, and will continue for the next 18 days. The last question will be posted before June 1.

What better way to gain some knowledge, win $100 and support local merchants?

Have fun.                    Click on this link on May 15th at 8 am to go to Question 1

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