Tough Decisions! Put All Housing in the Los Gatos School District? Or Spread the Housing to the North Section of the Development too? There are consequences.

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Summary:  If all housing under the current North 40 Phase One application were to be built in the Los Gatos School District, the Schools stand to gain more than $ 6,368,500 over and above state mandated payments by the developer.  … Continued

K-8 School Population Projections 2014

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Student Population Projections by Residence School Year 2014/2015 Report Projections 2015/16 – 2024/25   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. (DDP) is assisting the Los Gatos Union School District (District) to plan for future student population changes. By factoring … Continued

Van Meter Update

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Donna McCurrie does a phenomenal job of keeping people informed about the school situation. School quality is a very important town value to those of us at LGCA, so I have “scraped” this off their group site to keep you … Continued

Cumulative Impacts of Los Gatos Developments from 2010 to ~ 2014

Executive Summary: New projects will generate >39,000 new car trips (our estimate)  and add >480 new students to the school system.* Note: The numbers below are taken mostly from the town documents or from authoritative sources (e.g. school superintendent who … Continued