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Placer Oaks Summary

  1. Placer Oaks | Los Gatos Community Alliance

    […] The approved project includes one BMP unit to be located on lot 2 (the center parcel at the south end of the Planned Development site.)  The applicant is requesting, by way of the PD application, to allow the BMP unit to be provided off-site and to build a market-rate residence on lot 2.  This would result in 10 new market-rate units and one off-site BMP unit.  The market-rate homes are 4-bedroom, single-family homes, ranging from 2670 to 2765 sq. ft. with 2-car garages.  History:  In 2001, the Town Council approved a General Plan amendment for the three vacant Placer Oaks properties from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential and adopted a Planned Development (PD) to construct up to 49 apartment units, which included eight BMP units and a recreation building.  Read more…… […]

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