Netflix: Latest Assessment

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Netflix may not be in any position to occupy new office space (e.g. Albright Way) in the future.
Below is an independent article written by Benjamin Koellmann on Netflix’s current and future viability:

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Netflix: A Broken Company, Not Simply A Broken Stock

When a company’s stock loses a large amount of value in a relatively short time, investors should always ask whether this is a case of a broken stock or that of a broken company. If a company’s stock suffers a setback for temporary reasons but its business model remains strong and its competitive advantages remain intact, we can consider it a (temporarily) broken stock and it usually makes for a good investment opportunity. However, if the causes for the stock’s decline can be found in a flawed business model, the loss of its competitive advantage, an overall shift in the company’s industry, or any other serious, long-term adverse effects, then we can generally refer to it as a broken company. Continue reading →

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