Marchmont (aka, Hillbrook) update

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Hello, all. Just a few hours after I sent the last update, I received some new information. So please save this date: Monday, March 4.

The Hillbrook CUP application will not be presented to the Planning Commission until the Fall of 2013 because a renewed, more extensive environmental review is now planned. HOWEVER, a hearing on the question of past and continuing CUP violations has been tentatively scheduled for March 4 at Town Council. THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR US because it gives us the opportunity to get action on Hillbrook’s ongoing violations.

I hope that we can get prepared to speak about both past violations and current ones. The topics we should be prepared to talk about should include these:
• Violations during the summer of 2011 when Hillbrook allowed outside use of the campus by Steve & Kate’s Camp
• Invalid use of the campus as a conference center and teacher education facility
• Excessive after school activities and hosted sport events
I hope that everyone who planned to speak at the canceled December 12 Planning Commission meeting will be willing to speak again and that we can get a big turnout for this meeting. I’ll be contacting those people who volunteered to speak at the December 12 meeting. Please let me know if you didn’t plan to speak at that meeting but would like to speak at the March 4 meeting. I’m hoping we can get organized so that people address different issues; the word is the Council (understandably) doesn’t like to hear the same thing said over and over.

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