A BigThank You Is In Order To Mayor Badame

A big thank you is in order to Mayor Badame who provided the leadership  over the HE drafting process after a year of the TC allowing Staff to directly control the HE drafting process. By establishing  a focused Town Council legislative agenda which prioritized HE certification over everything else, and encouraging the TC to take direct ownership over the drafting and review process, Mayor Badame accomplished in four months what former Mayor Ristow was unable to in 12 months. Mayor Ristow racked up 6 rejected HE drafts, wasted $360,000 in Town’s finances on a deeply incompetent consultant and enabled over 7 Builder’s Remedy applications to be filed during her term. Those 7 projects are from 7 to 12 stories tall as she narrows the roads for future traffic !!

Please remember this in November 2024.

Leadership and competence matter.

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