Highland Oaks Resident Letter to TC on N40 Commercial Development

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This letter was submitted by Kendra Burch to the Town Council.  She agreed to have LGCA post it also.

May 30th, 2015

Town of Los Gatos

110 E. Main St.

Los Gatos, CA  95030

Re:  North 40 Development – Commercial Building Plan

Town Council Members:

As a resident of the Town of Los Gatos, I am proud of the cultural richness and diversity that our town has and further seeks to maintain and enhance. My home sits very near the North 40 property and I have been following the progress closely. I respectfully request that you reread and reflect on a few key statements from the “Vision of Los Gatos” and the “General Plan”. It is the Town’s desire and your elected responsibility to act upon these items outlined below.

“Support of new development from surrounding residents and property owners will be a major consideration during any development review process.”

“Residents expect all new development to fit into the fabric of the community and demand that new businesses enhance their high quality of life.”

“Support an active business community that provides a wide variety of goods and services and a broad range of employment opportunities, minimizing the need to travel to other communities;”

As an adjacent neighbor to the North 40 property, we should look forward to the improved quality of life that the development can provide like:

Walkable retail shopping and services (I love the concept of the “market hall”)

Seated dining with Outdoor and Street Side options (live entertainment options would also be a welcomed bonus)

A variety of small specialty and minimal mid-size shopping and services (a Walmart Neighborhood or Target, or similar or larger, DO NOT align with my wishes or the Town’s vision)

It’s my understanding that, currently, there is a discussion to provide less small retail shopping and more large scale retail. The North 40 vision statement says, “It (the North 40) celebrates our history, agricultural heritage, hillside views and small town character.  The North 40 is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our community, complimenting other Los Gatos residential and business neighborhood.”  A power shopping center does not meet this vision statement and wouldn’t effectively serve the needs of the Los Gatos community.

We thank you for your continued service to the Town and dedication to listening to the voices of the residents of the Town of Los Gatos.

Thank you,

Kendra Burch

Highland Oaks Drive

Los Gatos, CA

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