Cumulative Impacts of Los Gatos Developments from 2010 to ~ 2014

Executive Summary: New projects will generate >39,000 new car trips (our estimate)  and add >480 new students to the school system.*

Note: The numbers below are taken mostly from the town documents or from authoritative sources (e.g. school superintendent who may differ from the town’s estimate).

The single largest development on the table, the North 40 is not fully planned, so we assumed the worst case (ie, developing to the capacity as shown in the North 40 Specific Plan). Albright Way has been approved for 4 buildings totaling 485,000 sq. ft and one parking building

To estimate new traffic generated by a project the town uses formulas that are prescribed for different types of developments. They can then subtract the traffic that had been generated at that property as long ago as 1985!    For instance, in the case of Bluebird Lane, the property was basically unused for decades. Therefore, the Traffic Engineer can legitimately state that the traffic impact will be negative, because their numbers in 1985 for a convalescent hospital/home were greater than those projected for the new development.  This has changed in the past year for which we need to update this statement.  However, that was the method used in a number of these projects (eg, Bluebird Lane)

Likewise, the Honda homes will have a negative impact on traffic because the dealership generated more traffic in 2009 than the new homes will in 2012. We don’t think most people can remember the traffic 3 years ago to say nothing of 20 years ago. We feel that people can recall 1 and maybe 2 years ago the traffic levels on local streets. We estimated the impact of the new development vs the impact 2 years ago.


Development New Students Added



Additional Car
Trips in town
North Forty – 364 units in the Los Gatos school districts 97 PD 21,000
Albright Way – 550,000 sq ft of office 0 PD 3700
Riviera Terrace – 50 new units 15 PD 333
Laurel Mews – 22 homes 15 PD 50
Bluebird Lane – 20 homes 34 PD 45
Palo Alto Medical (PAMF) 0 PD 1,933
CVS 0 PD 3,000
Safeway (completed 2011) 0 2,006
Guadalupe Mines 55 PD 250
Placer Oaks – 9, 3 story residences plus one BMP – 4 bedroom 18 PD 22
Little Honda – back in the queue – 11 homes 8 PD 22
Hillbrook School 0 182
Swanson Ford – 29 single family – 6 senior 12 PD 1,647
Ditto’s Lane – currently on hold – 33 units 36 PD 80
Sports Park 0 ? 100
Los Gatos Library Addition 0 PD 681
16 Miscellaneous small project as listed in: click here ? ? 2300
475-485 Alberto Way 60 single family homes or 98 townhouses (at CDAC as of 3-14-12) 75 200
Constance Court – 7 homes 7 PD 58
SB 1381 30 0
400-420 Blossom Hill Rd. – this is a project that is in the planning stage and has not been approved yet.  37 townhouses for which we are strictly estimating the traffic and students 74 PD 200
Sisters of the Holy Name ~ 20 ? 0
New retail/office building(s) at Alberto and Hwy 9 0 ? 120
Total New Students and New Car Trips* 488 39,229
 1 The North Forty is not finalized yet.
   We estimated strictly on a maximum build out of the space.
 2 We used the Hexagon Traffic Report as utilized by the town to determine
   traffic added by a full build out at Albright.  We do not agree with
   their method of estimating a base of traffic level which adds cars that
   aren't currently in their own traffic survey.

To download the latest data in Excel format click here
To see how traffic was calculated click here for Albright Way and here for North 40

3 Responses

  1. Janet Ehrhardt

    Are there two sports parks or is there a duplication (0ne says 71 trips and the other 100)?

  2. Jak

    Hi Jan, Thank you for catching that. There is only one. I will check to see which one is the accurate one, and delete the other. Sometimes we will get two different reports depending on the timing of the study.

    • Jak

      Hi Jan (again),

      Our web wizard went on vacation and though I had found the problem, did not want to make changes until he was back. What I found was that the towns report had two different numbers, one conservative and the other more liberal – but both were only for peak traffic times. I had entered both.

      Our numbers for the other projects are for the total traffic generated per day. I do not have that number for the Sports Park, but know it will be more than what we show currently. I have sent an email to one of our members to see if she can determine the total days traffic and will advise you if/when I get that revised number. In the meantime, I did reduce the total traffic by 71 car trips. We’re still expecting to see over 38,000 NEW car trips daily if all developments come on line. Albright, Ditto’s, Swanson and the Mercury dealership are holding for the time being and the North 40 went back to the drawing board momentarily until a vision statement was formulated. That vision statement has been completed.

      Keep in mind that as big as the traffic problems will be, the school issues are at least as bad. Classroom size is now growing, and that’s without all of the new students projected with the impending developments.

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