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The following came from Debra Chin a a reminder on the meeting this coming Wed, 2/13 regarding the Bella Vista project:

Dear Neighbors,
By now, you should have rceived the notice for the study session that the Planning Commission has scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13 in Council Chambers on 110 East Main Street at 7pm to review the “new” applications for 339-341 Bella Vista.
Although the size of the proposed homes has been reduced to approximately 1500 square feet each, they are still 2x the FAR. Moreover, the applicants are carrying forward requests for a lot line adjustment, driveway variances, and reduced setbacks that were in the prior applications that was unamimously rejected by the Town Council last year. Issues related to slope and density, erosion, trees, traffic and safety, privacy, and bulk/mass that will negatively impact the community remain unaddressed in the new applications.

There are no decisions to be made at the meeting, but a continued strong presence is important to ensuring that the Planning Commission hear our concerns and knows our expectations for enforcing the guidelines. In addition, there are some new players involved: Todd Capurso has replaced Wendy Rooney as the Acting Director of Community Development/Staff Liason and Kendra Burch has backfilled Marcia Jensen’s spot on the Planning Commisionm.

As with other hearings, each peson who wants to speak will have three minutes. Here is a list of potential topics that were outstanding issues from the prior applications:

• Traffic/safety (cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians)
• Lot line adjustment (illegal for non-conforming lots per Town handout)
• Grading Standards
• Building height, bulk, and mass
• Front setback
• Driveway variance
• Floor to area ratio
• Architectural design lacks privacy and respect for neighbors
• Tree preservation
• Geological instability
• Fire hazard (fire/embers jumping downhill to Maggi Court with limited Fire Department access)
• Drainage
• Shade (related to building height – solar access limited for Maggi Ct)
• Lack of neighborhood support
• Impact to scenic vista
• Excessive number of exceptions
The staff recommendation to the Planning Commission will be available for public review starting this Friday in the Community Development Department (8am to 1pm), the Town Clerk’s Department (8am to 5pm), the Town Library, and on the Town website (

Hope to see you on Wednesday!

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