Attorney notifys the town to remain cognizant of the rules

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Attorney Pat Tillman, a neighbor to the proposed Dan Ross development on Bella Vista has notified the town manager, mayor, staff and the planning commission that he suggests strongly they follow the rules as they are written. Ross has come back with a very small reduction in the size of the proposed projects’ plans instead of the “significant reduction” requested by the planning commission. Click on this attachment: Letter from Pat Tillman

This is a lengthy, but very informative letter delving into this project made up of two large homes looking into the bedrooms of two town homes just below the development.

  1. John Doe

    You don’t know at all what you’re talking about. You are so wrong on almost every point. You and others that purchased town homes next to vacant lots should have been informed by your real estate brokers that the lots have been buildable been so since 1876.

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