Albright Development: 2 of the 5 buildings

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Dear Town Council Members:

I spoke at the last Town Council meeting regarding the Albright project.

Please take some time and respond to the questions below.  I would like to know your perception of this development.

This is what I see now when I drive home from work

Your new view of our hills
Your new view of our hills


I consider this one of the gateways to Los Gatos

How does this development protect our mountain views?

How is this development compatible with the existing adjacent buildings?

How do these massive rectangular buildings preserve the “Small Town” character?

How does this protect our community from the increasing development pressures of Silicon Valley?

Does this look like Los Gatos or does it look more like San Jose, Campbell, or Cupertino?

Does this development harmonize with the existing residential neighborhoods while minimizing the impact?

How does this development adding over 3,500 daily vehicle trips mostly during peak commute hours help our already congested traffic on Lark Ave. and Winchester Blvd?

Is the high quality of life in Los Gatos being protected?

I still to this day don’t see how this is consistent with the General Plan and fits with the vision for Los Gatos.

Thank you,

Anne Robinson

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  1. Ed Bellezza

    I have a blog that keeps track of issues and history, here in Los Gatos. I would like to put a link to this web page of yours, in my latest blog concerning the Albright development. I’ve been involved with Jak Van Ada, Andy Wu, John Shepardson and many others in trying to limit the Albright project. While my blog is lengthy and detailed, I think that this nice, brief series of questions that you ask of Los Gatos residents is a quick, concise way to make the point. I think it would be good to present both of these perspectives, the quick one and the detailed one, to the local public.

    I wanted to make you aware of my intention to make this link and get your permission to do so. I’ve been working on my essay for a while and it is the last steps of editing at the present time. I hope to publish it within the next few days.

    Please feel free to send me any questions you may have.
    Thanks for your time,
    Ed Bellezza

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    […] Over the past several years, there has been one grande issue here in Los Gatos to which I have expressed some strong and studied opinions, here, on this blog — this being the Albright Development, at the corner of Winchester Boulevard and Lark Avenue. After a long while of controversy and political maneuvering, a varied period of wrangling and compromise, the real and actual buildings there have finally risen into the low sky above the flat Los Gatos Creek basin (take a quick peek at the comments made by local Anne Robinson to the town council regarding a picture she took of the Albright buildings last November — […]

  3. Danessa Techmanski

    Ed Bellezza and Anne Robinson,

    Thank you for your posts. I am one of many Cupertino residents fighting against Sand Hills Measure D to build The Hills at Vallco. Your stories sound so familiar, and Sand Hill will stop at no length to get what they want here. I have been involved in the residents against developer scenario in great detail. I wish we had your help. May I post your writings on our Next-door site?

    Thanks much,
    Danessa Techmanski

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