Town Council (TC) Voting Record

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Key:X= Absent or Recuse, Y=Yes,    N= No
Date Description PC Rec? Motion  Leonardis  Jensen  Spector  McNutt  Pirzynski  Final vote
 12/2 8. Regulation of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam) Food Service Container-Ware  n/a  
 9. Introduce an Ordinance Amendment of The Town of Los Gatos Amending Chapter 11 of the Town of Los Gatos Municipal Code related to Single-Use Carry-Out Bags n/a  
 11/18 Appointment of Mayor n/a Marcia Jensen Y Y Y Y Y 5-0
Appointment of Vice Mayor n/a Barbara Spector Y Y Y Y Y 5-0


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