Where’s Waldo Question #1

  1. Q: What is the proposed FY 21 budget for general fund “operating revenues”?

    Background: Have you ever wondered how much “operating revenue” the general fund takes in? This would seem like an easy question, but it isn’t. The reason it is difficult to answer is that the Town includes in its total “revenue” a number of items that are not generated in the normal course of operations. We need to exclude those items to compute “operating revenue.” The definition of “operating revenue” is total “revenue” LESS:

    • reimbursements for lease payments for the Town library building and corporation yard

    • funds transfers into the general fund, and

    • previously expensed pension trust expenses which are being returned to the General Fund” (the Town’s wording not ours)

  2. If you cannot determine the answer today, and should there not be a winner declared, check back here tomorrow for the first clue.


5 Responses

    • Jak

      Hi Judy, It does exist. We knew the answer before posting the question. If no one finds the answer today, we’ll post a clue tomorrow morning at 8.

        • Jak

          Jeffery, Thank you for your response. Jennifer Pratt nailed it to the last dollar and is our $100 winner. The complet breakdown is on our website tomorrow morning.

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