We Have a Winner to Question #1 in the Where’s Waldo Contest

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We have our first winner to receive the $100 gift certificate to a Los Gatos Restaurant!  Her name is Jennifer Pratt and she hit the budget number right on the head. Jennifer should contact Catherine Sommers at the Los Gatos Chamber ( to collect her $100 gift certificate to a Los Gatos restaurant.

$42,263,744 is how much money the town has to operate with in the forthcoming fiscal year. Below is how we came to the answer.

    1. The definition of “operating revenue” is total “revenue” LESS:
      • reimbursements for lease payments for the Town library building and corporation yard
      • funds transfers into the general fund, and
      • “Previously expensed pension trust expenses which are being returned to the General Fund” (the Town’s wording not ours)
    2.  The following  is how we got to the answer
      Operating Revenues on C-8   $45,751,230 
      Transfer in      $   616,834
      Debt Reimbursement  $1,908,494
      “Pension Trust”   $   962,158
      Operating revenues on C- 23 $42,263,744


We have four things we would like to accomplish with this contest:

  1. To give the public an opportunity to better understands how your tax dollars make this town function.  This is important to us as we’ve been doing this for four years.  We do know that for most of you, this is a droll subject.  But, these are YOUR tax dollars.  A few of you may become more attentive after these exercises and join our efforts.
  2. To give the “winner” a reward for putting in the effort of finding the answer.  It’s sort of hard, but we start giving Clues on the second day.  You also have the opportunity to use the towns Financial Transparency website to find your answers.
  3. We were going to simply write a check to support local business, but thought that sometimes “earning” the reward was better than just giving out the money. Some of our merchants will benefit from the money we have donated and so will each winner, plus, it can be fun in a time that is not so fun.

Just a reminder, you can only win once.  The objective is to give more people the opportunity to experience Los Gatos restaurants.


I need to let you know that we have to put the contest on hold.  NextDoor has told us that we are violating their policies.  FYI, we are a non-profit; pay no wages and absorb all costs out of our own pocket.  We are in discussion with them and hopefully will work it out to their satisfaction quickly.

Los Gatos Community Alliance

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