Town Council Actions 3/20/18

Town Council Meeting 3/20/18

Three main items were on the agenda, plus one item pulled from Consent Calendar

  1. Bachman Park Rehabilitation Projects: Approve the plans and specifications for three separate Bachman Park Rehabilitation projects (Landscaping Upgrades, Lighting Upgrades, and Pathway Upgrades/Retaining Wall Replacements) and authorize the Town Manager to advertise the projects for bid.
    Item pulled as residents adjacent to the park were concerned about construction noise, lighting level from LED lights, introduction of new oak trees and impact on one grassy area, desire to retain narrower pathway and retain asphalt. Had petition with 150 signatures asking for plan to be restarted.
    Other town residents spoke in favor of the plans, citing need to decrease water usage and electricity for lights, widen path to permit access to all users, need to add to tree population to maintain trees long-term
    MJ pointed out all issues for this project were discussed at the priority-setting meeting in December, park is for all residents of the town, moved to approve, MS second. Addition to move the 4 new trees closer to existing trees while keeping them viable. Approved 5-0.
  2. Introduce an Ordinance amending section 29.10.150 of Chapter 29 (Zoning Regulations) of the Town Code regarding the required parking requirements for restaurants.— Basically decouple # of seats permitted in restaurants from the # of parking spaces allocated to that business.
    Following from work by the Policy Committee and Town Staff, recommendation was to use the Fire Code limits to define max seating in restaurants (this allows more seating than the present approach of limiting seating to parking spaces).
    Support came from the Chamber of Commerce and local restaurants.
    Advantages would be a simpler and more streamlined approach to setting seating for each restaurant.
    Admission all around that most/all restaurants are out of compliance with CUPs for seating, keeping them from coming forward for other minor changes in CUPs.
    Concern by retail shop owners and others about the possible impact on parking if restaurants added lots more seats.
    Discussion of changing habits toward Uber/Lyft (so fewer cars coming in), trends moving forward; lack of parking issues at night downtown.
    MJ moved to approve, referred to Policy Committee work, a priority to streamline processes and hold a single standard across town and all uses. MS seconded, sees evidence that Uber/Lyft usage up, less parking demand. RR stated his support for motion and for value on small businesses, allow them to innovate, not inhibit profitability. BS agreed goal to simplify and streamline is good, BUT concerns about fairness between retail and restaurant, concerned about unknown impacts of this change. Approved 4-1 (BS opposed)
  3. Review Downtown parking information and direct staff to bring forward a budget proposal for consultant services to provide a comprehensive analysis of downtown parking
    Components to be addressed:
    High School area
    Downtown Pilot for time-limited parking— Lots 1&2, increase 3hr to 4hr limit, eliminate unlimited parking
    Paid parking
    Employee Parking— requires behavior management
    One Way Streets (making side streets b/t Santa Cruz and University one-way could add another 30 parking spaces)
    Parking Garage— appears untenable
    Potential cost of consultant to look at all aspects of the parking issues likely $150-200k range
    Chamber of Commerce
    supports use of consultant
    does NOT support Parking Garage
    looking at existing spaces and working with folks to better utilize
    has concerns over making 3hr spaces 4hrs without other steps in allocating employee parking
    will talk to merchants about possible support for paid parking
    Motion by MJ and seconded by MS, approved 5-0
    approve request for consultant (all the prior meetings by committees, commission and TC with Staff time likely already cost more); cover all aspects suggested by staff; Implement timed parking pilot ASAP
    Implement one-way side street pilot ASAP
    Paid parking pilot ASAP (added)

4. ALBERTO WAY: Consider an appeal of a Planning Commission Decision denying a request to demolish three existing office buildings and construct a new, two-story office building with underground parking on property zoned CH. APN 529-23-018.
large number of Alberto way residents requesting denial, based on traffic, loss of views, impact on local residences
Alberto Way applicant stating Planning Commission erred in that project follows General Plan, “goalposts keep moving”, project has already compromised twice
Public testimony ran past midnight, then closed
Hearing is continued to Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

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