Staff Report Released – “Soft Approval” for Bella Vista

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The Town of Los Gatos has posted the Staff Report and associated items on the Planning website for 339-341  Bella Vista (see attached) and the planning department has recommended a “soft approval” and deemed the project to be “compatible” with the neighborhood”.
There are several comments which are particularly biased and inaccurate in terms of portraying the developer Dan Ross in a favorable light:
1.     “Some of the neighbors has been unwilling to speak directly with the applicant” (we offered to meet with him as a group
2.       “None of the neighbors attended a meeting requested by Ian MacRaie” (one of us did attend, even though neigbhor Ian McRaie requested and did not attend a meeting with Suzanne Davis)
3.       “Staff met with several Maggi Ct residents”.  Only three of us met with planner Suzanne Davis – she told us to limit the group.
Staff did note that  69 pages of comments were received from the neighborhood!
As a reminder the planning commission hearing for 339-341 Bella Vista is first on the oct. 12th agenda. A strategy meeting is planned for sunday, oct. 9th at 7pm at 150 Maggi Court. Please join us for either or both if you are able to attend!

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