In Response to the survey conducted by the developer

My concern is that once Albright Way is developed, and then you add in the North 40, the projected NEW car trips from just these two developments may top 7000-8000 cars EVERY work day of the week. That will happen less than a mile apart with access on Lark Avenue as a main artery between the two, University, Santa Cruz Ave, highway 17 and highway 85.

That will be a huge impact. We can’t simply look just at the Albright development by itself. A second concern is with the height of the buildings. My third concern is the 20 year open-end agreement that was given to Pau. My fourth would be the total impact both the North 40 and Albright will have on the town of Los Gatos given all of the other developments going on currently.

Netflix is not the issue, though if you read this, they may become an issue if this article has any validity ( ). Be that as it may, they will likely move on one day, but the developments, the traffic and all the costs associated with them will remain. Who knows what Pau will do with an open ended agreement?

I would ask that the three council persons (Pirzinski, Rice and McNutt) and the town manager, (Larson), start listening to the voices of Ms. Spector and Mr. Leonardis. They seem to be looking at the big picture and are trying their best to maintain the integrity of the town.

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