Changes to Parking Around LGHS– Letter to School Families

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Letter sent to all LGHS families on 3/22/16


Dear Students and Parents of Los Gatos High School;

Parking Changes In Brief:

Newly restricted parking near campus will further limit spaces available to students who drive to school.
LGHS is a closed campus during tutorial: students are not allowed to go off campus between classes to move their vehicles.
We strongly encourage all students who are able to walk, bike, skate or carpool safely to school.


Traffic and parking on and around campus continue to be concerns for the Town and our neighbors, and as our enrollment grows we will need everyone’s help to reduce congestion. Some of our neighbors have complained to the Town about students parking on their streets, near their homes. On March 1, 2016 the Town Council approved a six-month pilot preferential parking program on Alpine Avenue, which restricts parking to 90 minutes without a residential permit from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Signs have been posted on Alpine Avenue, and LGMSPD is instituting an informational campaign with a grace period where warnings will be issued instead of citations. Full enforcement with citations is expected to begin on Monday, April 18, 2016: on this date, vehicles parked on Alpine Avenue during the restricted hours will require a residential parking permit to avoid being cited.

Culture Change is the long-term solution:

The Town and schools have partnered to conduct a traffic study for the town and assess ways to improve traffic flow during peak hours. None of this will change three key facts: the Town’s population has grown, the school has limited space for parking, and we have few roads to our high school. We ask that students, parents and our neighbors join with us to institute long-term changes in our community’s transportation culture. To reduce congestion and parking pressures we need to get as many cars off the roads to school as possible. LGHS is currently partnering with Safe Routes to School (SR2S) to assess, design and implement alternatives to driving. In addition the high school is partnering with our neighbors and with student leadership to examine best practices for reducing traffic and parking. We sincerely hope that you will join us to make travel to campus safer and healthier for everyone.

While we’re working towards a better commuting climate for the future, you can help us now:

Avoid driving to campus If you live within 1-2 miles of school.
If you must drive, arrive at school early (by 7:30am) before the commute rush (the campus, including the Library, open at 7am).
Consider carpooling (if you meet the legal requirements for doing so).
Consider dropping your students off further from school, away from congestion.
Drive to or Park at Balzar Field (off Miles Avenue); it’s a short walk to the overpass and campus.

Thank you for all of your help with this continuing issue.

LGHS Administration