Environment – Bella Vista

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 Proposed removal of 13 “regulated trees” with additional 6 being severely impacted (out of 21) leaving basically none. The trees along the west side of Bella Vista Ave constitute a significant green belt which birds use to migrate from south … Continued

Traffic – Bella Vista

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Bella Vista is a designated bike route and a narrow road leading to the High School. Residents paid for resurfacing the street with the help of federal dollars for the bike-route designation. The additional driveways, parking, and ingress/egress would add … Continued

Bella Vista

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 339 – 341 Bella Vista Ave. Two 2760 square foot homes are proposed on two 53% (average) sloped non-conforming lots (4106 & 6049 square feet) subject to the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines. A Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for … Continued