Alternative 2 to the Los Gatos 2040 DEIR

From the Los Gatos 2040 DEIR:

6.6 Environmentally Superior Alternative
This section compares the impacts of the four alternatives to those of the proposed 2040 General

Because this is about how the town can make a dent into Green House Gases (GHG), we have only shown the best solution because the Town has thus far chosen the worst solution-ie, hi-growth without substantiation.  What’s more important to us than growth, is life.

Alternative 2 Summary
Alternative 2, Medium Growth would result in fewer impacts compared to the 2040 General Plan for
many of the environmental resource impact areas. Under this alternative there would be modest
increases in density ranges outside Opportunity Areas and additional increases inside Opportunity
Areas. Overall, Alternative 2 performs better than the 2040 General Plan, especially in the following
key areas:
Town of Los Gatos
2040 General Plan
§ Air Quality
§ Energy
§ Greenhouse Gases
§ Hydrology and Water Quality
§ Population and Housing
§ Public Services

Allocation of up to 3904 Housing Units in the 2040 General Plan is the Wrong Decision

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What is RHNA?

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 The Following Article is From Peter Hertan     In the discussion of our RHNA growth target some of us cite the history of Los Gatos population over the past 10 or 20 years as evidence that the RHNA targets … Continued

Thoughts On The 2040 General Plan and Why It Should Not Be Adopted

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because and only when, they are created by everybody” – Jane Jacobs   The General Plan is more than a legal underpinning for land use decisions; it reflects the community’s … Continued