Los Gatos Town Staff Doubles the State’s Mandated Housing Requirements

What’s Wrong with the Los Gatos 2040 General Plan?
  • Housing Projected by ABAG for the Next 20 years – 619
  • Housing Required by ABAG for the 6th Cycle (8 Years) – 1993
  • Housing Proposed by the Town’s General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) – 3904
  • Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Forecasted Population of Los Gatos by 2040 – 32,645
  • Los Gatos 2040 General Plan Forecasted Population  – 45,820


The Town is Largely Developed

Given the Town is largely developed, future growth can only occur as built-out lots are redeveloped. ABAG projects by 2040 growth of 619 additional housing units that could be occupied by new residents. For the past 10 years the population … Continued

Allocation of up to 3904 Housing Units in the 2040 General Plan is the Wrong Decision

  Executive Summary:   The Town is in the process of updating its general plan for the next 20 years.  Part of this process is the requirement to identify space for future development of residential units to meet the State’s … Continued