Bella Vista Update: Story Poles for Dummies

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The planning commission hearing for 339-341 Bella Vista has been scheduled for 9/28, but to date no story poles have ever been put in place to outline the height and mass of the two 2,700 sq. feet homes (FAR allows one 700 sq. ft. home) on the 60 ft. wide, 53 degree sloped plot of land that developer Dan Ross plans to build.
We were told that the story poles would be put in place by 9/6, and what they did was poke some sticks in the ground that are barely visible through the canopy. See email trail (and photos below) between the planner and two of the impacted neighbors that “explains” the thinking behind the decision to protect the canopy of the trees now so they can be destroyed later in the building process.
The poles are a gross misrepresentation of the height and
mass of the proposed project. Until I received this email, I was not even aware
that they were in place! I think it’s highly ironic that the intention was not
to disturb the canopy, as if the project proceeds as planned 18 out of 21 trees
are slated for removal.
Attached are photos taken from my bedroom window. As you can see, they are hardly visible even from a direct line of sight. Unlike the story poles, I’m sure I will not have any problem seeing a massive 2700 sq. foot home from 30 yards away on a 53 degree slope.
This is inappropriate and does not give property notification to the public in a timely manner for the 09-28-11 hearing.The backside is a 53% sloped
lot approximately 60 feet wide.  You cannot look at the installation and tree
canopies  from Maggi Court without coming into our homes or trespassing on our
private gravel walkway.
I am happy to provide viewing from inside my home (as many neighbors have offered in the past).The poles are towering 60 feet above our family room from thirty feet away.
I spoke with the story pole contractor last week and asked
him to use flagging in areas where the netting cannot be installed because of
the tree canopy. We did want to trim or remove any of the tree canopy in order
to get all of the orange netting in. I will go take a look at the installation
to see if it needs to be modified.

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