Bella Vista: More Lies and Distortions from Developer Dan Ross

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In the planning commission meeting held on Oct. 12th, Dan Ross stated that he purchased the properties BEFORE the Hillside Development Guidelines and Standards were approved. Mary Badame sent a letter to Wendy Rooney correcting this for the record with the attached title documents, however the planning commissioners and public were lied to and mislead.


Ms. Rooney,

The minutes from the Planning Commission meeting 10-12-2011 contains
inaccurate information as supplied by the Planner, Ms. Davis and the
developer, Mr. Ross.
Please refer to attached documents that should be included as a desk item,
part of the file, and should be distributed to each Planning Commissioner.

Mr. Ross and Mr. Peters purchased his properties 12-23-2004 as evidenced by
public record (please see attached documentation).

Mr. Ross contends he purchased the properties in December of 2003, before
the approval of the HDS&G in January 2004. 
Ms. Davis contends he purchased the properties in 2006.

The above statements are incorrect and misleading.
This information is extremely important and relevant as to zoning
restrictions that “ran with the land” at the time of purchase. 

Thank you,
Mary Badame
150 Maggi Court



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