Bella Vista: Battle Won at PC Hearing, War Continues

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The hearing on Oct. 12th was packed with supporters from the LGCA, Bella Vista townhome owners, and Bella Vista Ave. home owners who opposed the project. For over two hours, neighbors spoke about the privacy issues, safety and traffic issues, and flagrant disregard for the Hillside Standards and Guidelines shown by the developer Dan Ross in his proposed plans.

A continuing theme in this project is how Dan Ross got this far along in the process given the number and magnitude of variances he is asking for. Per earlier posts, he holds positions on several town committees and has personal ties with key planning staff and town council members.

The commissioners voted unanimously that the proposed homes were too big for the properties and sent Ross back to the drawing board, telling him to revise his plans and make the homes smaller. The next hearing will be on Jan. 11, 2012.

An article on the hearing  appeared on the front page of the Oct. 17th Los Gatos Weekly Times, which was also heavily biased towards the developer in sentiment. No representatives for the LGCA or Bella Vista townhome owners were interviewed for the article.  Like the other projects, we need a PR champion who will respond to these attempts to sway public sentiment with lies and distortion.





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