339-341 Bella Vista Council Hearing Scheduled for April 2

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The appeal for the 339-341 Bella Vista will be heard at the Town Council meeting scheduled for April 2 at 7pm. Please join us if you can as numbers count, and we have done a great job with the collective support showing that this development as planned will have significant negative traffic, safety, and privacy issues on the community. No changes have been made to the plan since it was shot down at the last planning commission hearing. As a reminder, Dan Ross is appealing the planning commission’s decision denying:

– lot line adjustment
– variance to allow reduced driveway length
– two new single family residences with reduced setbacks that grossly exceed the FA

Here is  a letter from one of the neighbors that will remind you of the issues that are too numerous to write here; click here for pdf.

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  1. John Doe

    I wish people could be honest and have their facts right. Long before Dan ever sat on town council he and I were given direction by the town planning staff. They even saw a full building plan from 145 Bella Vista that I built just before the two lots were purchased. If you want to point fingers have your fact correct and point them at Town Staff.

  2. John Doe

    LGCA and others need to understand people like Dan Ross are not alone in what has become a fight to the death with the Town of Los Gatos. I have met many people that have gone through the approval process and had similar experiences as Dan Ross and Jake Peters and by the time these people are done with the whole process they don’t even want to live in this town. Dan Ross and Jake Peters have the right to build as a developers/home owners. People have the right to own a business and profit from that business. Dan Ross and Jake Peters followed the direction they were giving by the Town of Los Gatos Staff. The Town of Los Gatos Planning Dept. kept changing the rules from day to day after investing a lot of money into the projects. The main two problems with the projects are the Town’s lack of policy (written guide lines) and the ability for people to be reasonable and neighborly. People just don’t have their facts right and are throwing stones in the wrong places. There have been projects in recent years that had much more red tape but were approved because the lack of public attention. I can tell you for a fact that 95% of what is posted on this forum in INCORRECT and the main person’s involved in fighting the projects know that they are falsifying the truth about the projects. FYI – If is see that posting was removed I will bring it to the public’s attention at the Town Hearing on April 2nd.

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