11 Homes on 1 Acre

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In the past, (about 2011) developers proposed a high density residential development at the junction of Shannon Rd and Los Gatos Blvd. Home prices are currently projected to start in the low one millions. Home sizes are currently planned from 1600 square feet to one at 2300.

Across the street, another new development is being proposed with 22 homes on approximately 2 acres. Currently located on this lot is a now vacated building. Across the street is the former Honda car dealer. Residents who travel south on Los Gatos Blvd. towards town or the Hwy 9 entrance to the freeway will deal with Los Gatos Blvd. where it funnels down from 4 lanes to 2. If they travel north on Los Gatos Blvd, they will run incur the additional traffic from the new development at Swanson Ford, plus another development proposed at Blossom Hill at Hwy 17.

Traveling north another mile or so, they will arrive at Lark where they will then run into potentially another estimated 4000 cars trips per day generated by the North 40 project.

One concern of the Honda(s) projects it that they will take away property that has been commercial property that generates dollars for the cities budget.

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  1. Lee Quintana

    Riviera Terrace goes to PC this Wed. at 7:00 (9/14/11)
    This is a request to renovate and expand the existing 123 unit apartment complex to convert 24 of the existing units to low income affordable units and add an additional 50 units.
    1.The applicant has requested this application be processed Under the State Density Bonus Law (Sec. 65915 of the Government Code). This is the first time the Town is applying the State Law rather than Town regulations.
    Why is this application important to the Town as a whole?
    2. IT WILL SET A PRECEDENT of how the Town calculates density under the state law.
    3. The Town may have incorrectly awarded more density bonus units than required or allowed under the State Law. The Town is granting a 50 unit density bonus, rather than 37 that the State Law would allow. With 37 new units instead of 50 it could be possible to reduce impact to the riparian area, reduce the number of parking spaces, save additional trees, and revise the site. With 13 less units it could be possible to retain more of the open feeling of the site, preserve more trees and mature landscaping, preserve some view of the hillsides, reduce impacts to the riparian area (eliminate parking in that area). Right now +/- 68 trees will be removed and essentially all of the 5.9 acre site will be re-landscaped.
    4. THE EXISTING APARTMENT DEVELOPMENT IS UNIQUE: It is rare example of a high density project (it currently has 21 units/acre
    that has extensive mature landscaping and a very open feeling .
    5. It is also unique because of its hidden treasure of 4 very large mosaic murals depicting historical scenes of early California. A fifth mural that covered wall of a building as you entered the site could be seen as you as This mural has been removed –
    6. In addition there are two interesting statues and a marble picnic table dating from when the complex was built.
    These are, I believe, potentially significant cultural resources that are not even mentioned in the Negative Declaration or the staff reports.
    7. STORY POLES: Story poles were never put up. Belated today 5 balloons were put up today and will be put up again tomorrow from 8:00am to 4pm. Too little too late.

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